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The event centre at Sangotedo, Lagos Nigeria as at April, 2021.

Skapto Construction is committed to the idea that architecture, design, and preservation can strengthen our communities. We design projects and places in a meaningful way with a deep respect for craft, context, and detail. As a construction firm focused on civic and community spaces, creative workplaces, adaptive reuse, and historic preservation, we are driven by discovering the humanity, layers of history, and stories that make places special.

massive reinforcement of a raft foundation

Landmark Buildings

We have a successful track record of securing Certificates of Approval from the Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board and the Pioneer Square Preservation Board, and we are adept at working smoothly with the Architectural Review Committees of both Boards. We are also experienced with preparing landmark nomination reports and leading the nomination and designation processes.

massive reinforcement of a raft foundation

Design Sensitivity

We find creative ways of bringing contemporary and historic elements together. Our designs accommodate the needs and uses of the present while celebrating and preserving the past.

We are acutely aware that buildings are the responsibility of their owners for the building’s lifetime. Since decisions made during construction impacts building operation and maintenance for many years to come, we integrate sustainable design solutions into all of our projects.